The Infamous 'Soar' Lipliner

I'm 99% sure everyone is probably sick of hearing about this MAC lipliner, but I was so happy to finally have it that I just had to do a post all about it! So, for anyone that doesn't know, this is MAC 'Soar' lipliner, one of the liners said to be used by Kylie Jenner to achieve her big lips (which are now confirmed to have been helped along by surgery but...). To be honest, I didn't really want this to achieve big lips anyway, I just absolutely loved the mauve pink colour as it's something I'd never really seen before. I got MAC 'Brave' lipstick for Christmas, and it's been my go-to lipstick since then - which is saying something considering the size of my lipstick collection (see my full post on it here)! Soar is the perfect liner to pair with Brave, as they are pretty much the same colour. I waited and waited for Soar to come back in stock, and after what felt like forever, it finally appeared again on the MAC website! The timing couldn't have been better as one of my lovely friends had got me a MAC gift card for my birthday, so I didn't even think twice about adding it to my basket! The texture of MAC lipliners is great, they're not so hard that it takes too much effort to get colour payoff, but they're not so soft that they'll rub off after 1 drink. It really is a beautiful colour too, and it was certainly worth the wait! Now to get Whirl then I'll be happy...
MAC Soar lipliner, £12.50


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