New YouTube Finds

Since finishing uni, I've been going a bit YouTube crazy, finding tons of new channels to indulge in. I thought I'd share my favourite new finds in a post today, so if you're looking for something new to watch you can check them out too!
Lustrelux - I found Katy through Desi Perkins' snapchat (a massive fan of her channel too!) and I've absolutely fallen in love with them - their snapchats are hilarious and I love her tutorials. She seems so friendly and I love how her tutorials have so much variety to them. I'm desperate to try this smokey eye look soon. 
Danielle Mansutti - There are so many gorgeous Aussie youtubers that just make me wish I lived there too, and Dani is one of them. I love her fun, honest videos, and her makeup always looks so stunning. 
Ellie Dalton - I found Ellie when she was featured in one of Sammi's vlogs, and I'm so happy I found her channel! She seems to sweet and down to earth, and I loved her Beautycon vlog where she was fangirling so much - I would be doing the exact same!
GinsMakeup - I've been following Gina on Instagram for so long until I realised that she also had a YouTube channel! I love her makeup looks, and her 'More Than One Way' series is just genius. 
Huda Beauty - So, HOW did it take me so long to find this channel?! Huda has a beauty all covered on her channel, from Beauty 101 to Body Contouring to the classic GRWM, if you're like me and are waaay behind the times on this one, make sure to check out Huda's channel! 
Mollie Bylett - I'm pretty sure I found Mollie via Instagram too, and her travelling tips videos are making me just want to travel the world! If you're going travelling this summer, definitely check out her videos - she has ones on Thailand, Australia, Amsterdam and more!
Kaushal Beauty - I also found Kaushal from Sammi's vlog, and I've absolutely fallen in love with her channel! She's so lovely, and I especially loved her Kylie Jenner video - I know that look has been done 1000 times but Kaushal's is definitely the best I've seen!


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