Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser | REVIEW

I'm constantly trying out new body moisturisers. I've been pretty good about moisturising every night for a good while now, and so always try and make sure I have a bottle in my drawer at all times. Recently, I've been trying out the Garnier Hydralock moisturiser. Now, I don't really have dry, dehydrated skin, but I like to make sure my skin is fully hydrated so decided to give this a go anyway. I've used the Garnier 7 day moisturiser before and was pretty impressed. 
However, this moisturiser really isn't for me. It's a very thick texture which makes it pretty hard to squeeze it out the bottle. I almost think it would be better in a pot or pump kind of dispenser. I was impressed with how well it sunk into the skin, and as I generally moisturise before bed, I could get dressed pretty quickly afterwards. However, I'd give this a miss if you're a morning moisturiser person, as this would definitely make getting your skinny jeans on even harder!
It did do a pretty good job at moisturising my skin, although I could feel the residue/leftover moisturiser on my skin in the morning which wasn't the nicest feeling. Definitely a good one though if you're into your tanning (really nourishes the skin pre-tanning), or you have particularly dry skin. However, given the choice, I would recommend the Aveeno moisturiser more for dry skin as they are similar but I found the Aveeno more effective.
Overall, an okay budget moisturiser, which I will keep using until it's finished, but not really for me and I probably won't be repurchasing. 
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Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser, £5.45


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