Beauty Back Ups

Many fellow beauty addicts/bloggers will be able to relate to this post - buying back ups of a product before your old one has even run out! In my opinion, this really does show that I like a product and I literally can't bear to live without it - haha very sad but surely a feeling many of you will be able to relate to!
So, first up is my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz. You can see my original review of it here and plenty of posts with me wearing it here. This is now my third Brow Wiz, and since I bought it in America last year, I've not used any other brow product (bar the Brow Pomade, also from ABH). There's something about the teeny tiny nib that makes drawing realistic hairs onto brows, and if you read my HD Brows post, you'll see how fine and light my brows were, so I definitely needed the help! The colour Taupe is just perfect for me too, as many brow products can look too red against my blonde hair. The only other product I've found that isn't too red is MAC's 'Omega' shadow, which I was using before this.
Next up, the My Burberry perfume. I absolutely adore this fragrance, as it's perfect for day and night and has great lasting power. The fragrance is floral without being girly, created a lovely sophisticated scent that isn't too obtrusive or in-your-face. I've totally finished my old bottle of this now (lasted about 6 months), so I'm glad to have my back up already to go!
Finally, another multiple repurchase: the Origins GinZing moisturiser. I've posted about this multiple times on the blog, but my original review of it is here. This is now my third tub of this moisturiser, which I use every morning after cleansing. This is actually a limited edition 75ml version, which costs only £2 more than the 50ml version! I tend to find this lasts me a good 4-5 months of everyday use, which is pretty good for something I use daily. This is just the perfect moisturiser for anyone with young skin like myself, that doesn't suffer from any extremes (oily, dry, acne-prone etc) and just needs a good everyday nourishing moisturiser. It also smells exactly like Terry's Chocolate Orange which has to be a huge bonus!
What products do you always buy back ups of? Let me know in the comments! 


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