Health & Fitness Update #5

Hi guys! So as you read this, I am off on my holidays! Which means my 10 weeks are over and I'm happy with my results, although I will continue to work hard after my holiday to achieve my dream body. I have managed to slim down and been pretty strict with my diet, so hopefully I will feel confident stepping onto that beach! So, here's my fifth health and fitness update. You can read the rest of them here
Body Inspiration
My entire Body/Fitness Inspo pinterest board has served as my body inspiration recently. Seeing my own progress in the past 10 weeks has also helped to motivate me, and I've really got into a routine, so don't need too much motivation to go to the gym anymore, a quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram is enough! 
I have been loving salmon for a quick evening meal. I season it with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and have it with some sweet potato and green veg, like peas or spinach. One of my favourite meals ever and takes less than 30 minutes to make! I've also been loving fruit. I always eat lots of fruit, but recently, I've been having even more. I am loving cherries at the moment, and strawberries are coming into season so they're tasting lovely too. Let me know your favourite fruits in the comments! 
I've been doing even more cardio in the gym recently, to really shed some weight. But I've definitely been concentrating on my weights and toning exercises and that makes up the majority of my workout. I recently bought myself some Nike Pro workout pants (like the ones in the pic above), because my other 2 pairs of workout pants have both split. I thought Nike was the only way to go, so I'm hoping they will perform better than the other brands I've tried! 
Again, I've not really been doing any YouTube workout videos this past fortnight, but I loved Chloe Morello's fitness vlog, and that's pretty much it! Let me know your favourite healthy channels/videos on YouTube.


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