Health & Fitness Update #4

Hi everyone! I'm back again with my fourth Health & Fitness update - meaning it's only 2 weeks till my holiday - not long now! 
Body Inspiration
As usual, the beautiful Tash Oakley has been inspiring me over on my Pinterest page, along with all the others on my Fitness/Body Inspiration board. I've also been really inspired by so many girls on Instagram this month. To see my original fave Instagram fitness account click here, but to add to that I've also been loving 'thefoodmedic', 'lottiemurphy_', 'emfurey', 'natalieglaze', 'chessiekingg' and 'twicethehealth' - definitely check them out if you're in need of some motivation!
Again, I've been loving Madeleine Shaw's book - I actually have a full post all about it coming up very soon! Alongside that, I've been loving a simple lunch of avocado mashed on rye bread with tomatoes and pumpkin seeds - really filling and healthy! I've been enjoying trying some new Nakd bar flavours - I have tried and loved the Toffee nibbles and the Bakewell Tart bars (I also love the Cashew Cookie and Banana Bread bars too!).
I've been upping my workouts the past two weeks, and I'm now doing an extra 20/30 minutes in the gym, mainly on weights and toning activities. I'm getting back into using the Powerplates for exercises like planks - doing it on them seems to make it less awful than doing them normally! Other than that, I've been keeping my cardio at around 25 minutes, and the rest of time on weights and on the mat. 
I didn't have time to go to the gym one day the other week, so tried this Fitness Blender quick cardio video. I really enjoyed it and it definitely helped to work up a sweat! For other health/fitness videos I've been watching, Carly's 'How to Prevent Bloating' video is great - I seem to really suffer with bloating, especially recently, so this was great to watch. 
Let me know in the comments any new health/fitness related discoveries you've found recently! I'd love to know. 


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