Kiko Eyeshadow Stick | REVIEW

When I finally got the chance to try out Kiko when I went to Venice in April, I pounced on their eyeshadow sticks- you can see the rest of my haul here. Thought to be dupes of the By Terry eyeshadow sticks, I knew I needed to give these a go. I went for the 'Misty Rock'-esque 'Rosy Brown' (05). I don't have 'Misty Rock' myself, but this looks a pretty similar colour to it - a pinky purple with silver tones. You can see how it looks on the eye in the images above. I don't have any other shadows on my lid here either. 
In terms of application, I just swipe this over my lid and blend with my finger. This works really well and the product is smooth enough that it blends really easily, leaving a sort of duo-tone darker colour in the crease - if you have MAC Woodwinked you'll know what I mean! 
The lasting power of this is really good - I'd say I get a good 6-8 hours out of it before creasing. This is along with the use of a base such as MAC Bare Study underneath. I do like to set the crease with a powder eyeshadow. I use both purples or browns with this - I've found both work just as well as the eyeshadow stick is such a versatile colour.
They're a bargain at only £6.90 - a fraction of the price of a By Terry one! You can buy them online here.  
Have you tried anything from Kiko? Let me know in the comments! 


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