The Magnitone Lucid

When the lovely people at Magnitone sent me their Magnitone Lucid, I was so excited to try it out. I've never given in to the whole cleansing brush trend, thinking they're pretty expensive for what they are, but I was interested to see if this one would live up the hype. 
The Magnitone Lucid comes in four colours - of course I went for the pink! It comes with a charger, travel charger, and one cleansing head, along with instructions on how to use it. I really love the charging feature. The little white egg shaped thing (seen on the last picture above) is magnetic, so can be taken off the Lucid, and it also plugs into the charger and charges the Lucid. I hope this makes sense - it's pretty hard to explain haha - but it basically means that the Lucid is totally waterproof, so you can use it in the shower without a problem. 
You're supposed to put some cleanser onto the brush itself, then massage it into the skin with the brush turned on. However, I've found that this can waste some of the cleanser, so I do my usual method of massaging it onto dry skin (I use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish) then wetting the brush and using it that way. I've found it helps to give that deep clean that I often want, especially if I've been out all day in a city or something and my skin needs a good clean. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't scrub off my face fake tan, and none of it rubbed onto the brush or my flannel. Obviously, the tan will probably fade quicker when using this, but it didn't scrub it all off straight away.
The brush is really soft and gentle, much less abrasive than I was expecting with these type of products. It glides across the skin really easily, and the bristles feel really good quality. This isn't meant to be brushed across the skin like a manual exfoliating product, and so you just glide it over the skin while the bristles rotate. Therefore, I definitely think this would be suitable for sensitive skin, as I haven't found it to irritate my skin or leave it feeling red or tight. I didn't really feel the necessity to do a before and after picture, as my skin is quite clear already and this hasn't made a huge visible difference. 
As suggested by Magnitone, I have used this everyday since I've got it (to do their 7 day challenge). However, I don't think this is necessary, and maybe every other day would be better. For me, this is because it is such a deep cleaning product. I have found some spots emerging since using this. However, I'm assuming this works in a similar way to a face mask where it pulls all impurities out initially, so your skin only gets clearer! I'll maybe do an update post though, just to see how it goes. Also, this could be because my diet has suffered since my birthday and I used a different moisturiser last week, so maybe not down to this at all!
So, is it worth it? For a skincare junkie like myself, it's a nice way to make sure you get a good deep clean. I also think it would be perfect for anyone who lives in a city like London where your skin can really suffer, as this will help to rid all of that pollution and city air from your skin. It's also clearly fantastic for getting rid of any dreaded dry skin. However, it is an extra step in your skincare routine, so maybe not for anyone really low maintenance with their skin! I'll try and do an update post in a month or so to see how it's going. It's also much cheaper than a Clarisonic, and so I'd say go for this, as I can't see there being a huge difference between the two. 


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