NARS Sheer Glow Foundation | REVIEW

The NARS Sheer Glow foundation was undoubtedly my most wanted makeup item for months. I was colour matched in January to Fiji, which seemed to be the world's hardest shade to get hold of! I think there had been some major supply issue, although it seems to have been resolved now, as the NARS UK site has it. It took months of stalking websites and stores, until I finally managed to get hold of it at Sephora on my recent trip to Venice - read about that here
'Fiji' is the fifth lightest shade in the range - I have found it to still be a bit dark for my super pale days. It works best when I've got a bit of a tan - see my recent Makeup/OOTN post. In the case that it looks too dark, I generally mix it with my L'Oreal True Match in C1 and it works fine. However, I'm eyeing up Mont Blanc as I think this will be a good shade for my paler days.
The formulation of this foundation is just dreamy. Not too watery, but not too thick, I generally use this with my Sephora Airbrush #55 brush and it blends fabulously. I've never found it to sit on the skin, and it really does give a gorgeous airbrushed finish. I do think the 'Sheer' aspect of the name is quite deceiving as this is definitely not a sheer/light coverage foundation. It does, however, give a lovely glow to the skin - nothing that makes you look sweaty or oily, just a night 'lit from within' glow. I'm not a huge fan of matte foundations so this works perfectly. I don't find it absolutely needs setting with powder, but I usually do anyway - with either the Bourjois Healthy Balance one or the Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder. 
The lasting power is really good. My skin generally reacts quite well to foundations and I've never found any foundation I've tried to disappear particularly quickly, so I'd probably give this an 8/10 for lasting power. Nothing amazing, but on the other hand, definitely not one you need to constantly top up throughout the day/night. I do find throughout the day, the 'glow' tends to come out more and I do feel like I need to powder to eliminate any shine, so maybe not great for oily skin. 
Another thing I love about this foundation is it has no SPF, so works amazingly for nights out/somewhere with flash photography. I imagine this would be an ideal wedding foundation as it looks beautiful in photos - nothing too full coverage, and the reassurance that you won't get flashback! 
Overall, it was definitely worth the wait to find my shade, and I now need a lighter and darker shade to cover me when I'm more tanned/pale! Let me know if you've tried this foundation, and what you think of it below. 


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