Health & Fitness Update #3

Hi guys! So I'm back with my third health and fitness update, meaning I'm only 4 weeks away from my holiday - eek! I've been pretty good with food the last couple of weeks. I have been keeping a log of all the food I have eaten, which I find so helpful as you can really see where you're slipping up. For me, the time I'm most likely to have something naughty is after tea, so I'm trying to have something healthier on hand for me to pick up instead. I've also received a fantastic product from Busy B which will help with planning what meals to cook!
Body Inspiration
My constant body inspiration just has to be Natasha Oakley of A Bikini A Day. That is who that beautiful body above belongs to, and it's something I definitely aim for. I love having an hourglass figure, so I aim to keep that, and just make it more toned. She also has the most amazing abs, so I'm trying my best to get something close to them too! Plus that tan is to die for - come on sun!
I've been trying out some recipes from Madeleine Shaw's new book (mentioned in my last update). I can highly recommend the Turkey Meatballs with Courgetti and Tomato Sauce - that's the picture above and whilst it may not be photogenic, it tastes gorgeous and surprisingly - as it has no carbs - it really fills you up too! I'm eyeing up the roast lamb, monkfish curry and healthy sticky toffee pudding next - I'll let you know how they go! I've also been loving overnight oats too - such a quick and easy breakfast, and you can add whatever toppings you like!
I've also just received this food planner from Busy B stationary. I just know this will come in so handy when I'm living away from home in September and planning all my meals. One side is a meal planner with all the days of the week, with space to write what meals you're having. The other side is a shopping list, so you can jot down anything you need to buy. So handy! I find food planning makes me so much more likely to eat healthily, because the healthy food is in the house - and I know when I'm going to use it too, which decreases waste. Anna recently did a fantastic food planning post, so check that out here

I have well and truly got back into my workouts since slacking on my birthday week. I went five times two weeks ago, and four times this week, so I'm really proud of myself for getting back into it! I'm continuing to increase my weights, and am now doing free weights 2kg higher than I was doing when I started. I've also increased my leg press weight by 5kg and my pulldown weight by 5kg! I've definitely started to notice a difference in definition, especially on my shoulders, back and legs. Now, all I need is my abs to show!
As I mentioned, I've been loving overnight oats, and this video is fab for some toppings inspiration (and to get the basic recipe). I personally don't use yogurt in mine, but it's all up to how thick you prefer it. Niomi and Carly's 'What I Ate Today' videos are great for inspiration too. 
Let me know in the comments any new health/fitness related discoveries you've found recently! I'd love to know. 


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