5 Things to do this Bank Holiday

I love the May Bank Holiday. A day off just to enjoy spring, and get your to-do list ticked off! Although I'll probably be spending today frantically typing to get my uni coursework finished, here's 5 Things you can do this bank holiday if you're searching for inspiration:

  1. If it's nice weather, get out and enjoy it! Go to the park or just go for a walk with your family or friends. A breath of fresh air really does wonders, especially if you spend a lot of time (like me) hunched over your laptop or at a desk.
  2. Get a fresh bunch of flowers. There's really no feeling like getting a bunch of flowers. However, there doesn't need to be an occasion - just buy a cheap bunch, and you'll really notice how much it brightens up the room! Just remember to water them... who else is guilty of forgetting to do that?!
  3. Have a wardrobe spring clean. I actually did this a couple of weeks ago. Get all your winter coats and jumpers packed into vacuum bags - you'll notice how much more space you have left in your wardrobe!
  4. Have a cheat day. Everyone needs a cheat day with their diet every so often. Go out and have a burger or cheesecake and don't feel guilty!! It's a bank holiday - it doesn't count!
  5. Get that to-do list ticked off! So it may not be the most fun activity to do on a bank holiday, but get some blogging done, schedule a few posts so you have peace of mind you have a few posts ready to go. Or do the cleaning you've been putting off for weeks. For me, I'll be doing my coursework, so if you're like me, get some of your school/uni work done and you can start fresh tomorrow!


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