Top 5 Holy Grail Brushes

Narrowing my favourite brushes down to just 5 was a pretty difficult decision, but I eventually decided that if all my brushes were to be thrown away, these are the 5 I would pick up straight away.
  1. Sephora Airbrush Foundation Brush #55 - I got this in America last year after seeing Amelia Liana using it, and I fell in love. It isn't as dense as the RT Buffing Brush so I've found it to be better for lighter foundations, but it really does blend like a dream. The bristles are so soft and I quite like the long, slim handle as it adds a bit of luxury to my day-to-day routine.
  2. Real Techniques Detailer Brush - I generally use this for one job only and that's adding a bit of concealer under my brows to tidy them up. This is especially useful if you need them doing as the concealer helps to hide any stray hairs. I generally use this with Benefit's Boiing Concealer. 
  3. MAC 208 Brush - This is my holy grail eyebrow brush. I originally wanted the 266, but as that was out of stock, I went for this one. It's super thin which makes it great for precise application. I usually use this with the Anastasia Brow Pomade and it does a great job at helping to shape the brows.
  4. MAC 217 Brush - Do you ever see these types of posts without this brush included?! I don't know what my makeup application was like before this brush came into my life. I've had it for a good 2 years and it's still going strong. I use this with any eyeshadow and for a quick sweep over the lid, or more precise application in the crease. 
  5. Real Techniques Contour Brush - The last choice was a difficult one, so I'd say this is interchangeable with the RT Duo-Fibre Contour Brush too. I use this pretty much every time I use contour as I find it fits under my cheekbone perfectly and applies just the right amount of colour. It's also fluffy enough for blending too.
Let me know what your favourite brushes are below - I'd love to add to the collection!


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