Dove Body Cream | REVIEW

Following on from my Essentials Haul last week, I thought I'd review the Dove Body Cream I picked up. I've been using this for around 2/3 weeks now so thought it was about time to share my thoughts! 
Body moisturising seems to be one of those beauty things that just gets cast aside and body creams are only brought out on super special occasions. However, I always try to moisturise every night and I can honestly say it makes the hugest difference to the appearance and quality of my skin - so if you're not already, crack open those body moisturisers you've got lying around and get prepped for summer!
Anyway, onto the review. I try a lot of body moisturisers, and I find I prefer the type in a tub as you know you've totally used all of it up then, as opposed to a bottle. So, this one from Dove caught my eye. I don't think I've tried a Dove moisturiser before but obviously they are known for nourishing formulas so I was expecting good things.
Firstly, the smell isn't great. I tend to moisturise before bed anyway, so the scent has gone by morning, but it smells slightly medicinal/clinical - it's difficult to explain! In fact, it smells a bit like Sudocrem if anyone has used that. 
However, the formula is lovely, really smooth and I've found that it sinks in ridiculously quickly. It's a nice thick cream which I definitely prefer to leave on overnight, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for daytime. 
There's also plenty in the tub, I've been using it for a good 2/3 weeks every night and you can see from the picture that I've hardly made a dent! This is amazing as I often find I go through body moisturisers on a 4 week basis.
What's your current favourite body moisturiser? Let me know in the comments!


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