MAC 'Brave' Lipstick | REVIEW

I feel like this post has been a long time coming and yet I have just not had the time to write it! I bought MAC 'Brave' lipstick as a post-Christmas treat back in December, and two months later, it's not been 2 days without this being on my lips! 
After seeing a couple of posts about this colour and convincing myself that yes, I needed a new MAC lipstick, this (along with Nightmoth lip pencil) went straight into my basket and arrived at my door in time for New Year's Eve. And honestly, this is the most beautiful colour. It may not look like much in the bullet - a sort of muted pinky, neutral shade - it's the shade I've been reaching for more than my beloved Urban Decay 'Streak' these past couple of months.
It's a satin finish, which is probably my favourite MAC finish, making it the perfect formulation for everyday, as it doesn't feel too drying or heavy, yet it's nice and pigmented and fairly long-lasting. The colour is easy enough to wear with pretty much every makeup look. For examples of this, I've worn it in a few Instagram pictures with different makeup looks, so I've posted a couple above so you can see the kind of finish it gives. 
I honestly couldn't recommend this lipstick enough! I use it pretty much everyday, and will definitely repurchase when it runs out. As it's a fairly popular colour at the moment (you know, the whole Kylie Jenner lip thing...), it's sold out but keep an eye out as they do eventually get restocked!


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