The Repurchase | Aussie Conditioner

Haircare is something I rarely experiment with. I have very temperamental curly, thick hair, and so a lot of recommendations from the top beauty bloggers never really work for me. My natural hair is pretty much the same as Sammi from Beauty Crush's curly weave, although I tend to blow dry it curly most of the time, as you'll see on my Instagram.
I find shampoo and conditioner make the biggest difference to how my hair turns out when it's dried. I struggle a lot to find the perfect combination, but I think I've found a good conditioner in the Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner. I tend to use a higher end Kerastase shampoo, but this conditioner does the trick to smooth out my hair and minimise frizz. As you can see from the title, this is a repurchase post, so I've already gone through a full bottle of this stuff! 
As many of you will know, Aussie products smell absolutely gorgeous too, and the moisture element of the conditioner is great on my hair as it tends to frizz if it gets too dry.
Let me know you favourite haircare products in the comments!  


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