The Perfect Summer Scent

I rarely stray too far from perfumes. I have used my My Burberry perfume religiously for over a year now, so it takes a lot for me to make a new purchase. When I recently went on holiday, I wanted to get a perfume as a sort of 'souvenir' of the holiday, so every time I sprayed it, it would remind me of the holiday. I chose the super popular summer scent Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder. I have heard so much about this fragrance over the last couple of years in the beauty community, but never really been sold on it. Then when I smelt it in duty free, I realised why everyone loves it. It just smells like a holiday! The main scents I get from it are vanilla and coconut but there's also a citrus kick from lemon and orange scents - read more about the specific scent here. I absolutely love it, and I have worn it everyday since getting back. It's one product that is definitely worth the hype and I will be using my bottle until autumn arrives, and bringing it back out again next year! It is a limited edition perfume so it's already gone from some retailers - if you find it grab it quick - it'll only be back again next summer!

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, from £47


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