St Tropez In Shower Tanning | REVIEW

As soon as I found out about the new St Tropez in shower tanning lotion that was coming out, it was straight in my Boots Online basket and on its way to me! As you'll know if you're a regular reader, I love getting a faux glow and have tried so many fake tans I've lost count! *you can read my Top Tanning Tips here and all my fake tan reviews here* So, anything that would minimise the time it takes to tan definitely intrigued me. 
In terms of application, it's really easy to apply. Just wash as normal, then turn off the shower and apply the lotion all over. My only gripe is that obviously it's quite difficult to tan the back this way so just watch out for that. After applying, wait 3 minutes (it actually goes quite quickly! Depends on whether your bathroom is cold or if you're in a rush or not haha but generally I don't feel like it's a particularly long developing time). Then rinse it all off! As it's quite a thick lotion, definitely make sure you properly rinse it all off, because I found little darker marks where I hadn't fully washed it off the first couple of times I used it. I didn't find any lingering fake tan scent (although other reviews say they have so maybe it depends on the person!) and it didn't leave any marks on clothing or sheets.
The colour payoff - as you can imagine - isn't phenomenal. It is the same sort of colour as the regular St Tropez Gradual Tan, so don't expect to look like you've spent 3 months in the Bahamas with this. For a fake tan addict like myself, I found this better to use to prolong an existing tan from something like the St Tropez Express Mousse. I also used this for a few days before my holiday, then everyday on holiday and it really helped to enhance my natural tan, so these are my preferred uses for this.
I bought this in June, and probably got around 15-17 full body applications out of this. That's generally the kind of number you would get from a regular fake tan so no complaints there! I have actually just purchased another bottle for my holiday later this month so I will be using it then too! It is also currently on offer in Boots for £9.50, so if you're on the lookout for a natural looking, easy fake tan - I would 100% recommend giving this one a go.

St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion, £9.50 (usually £14.50)


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