My Best Dressed @ Coachella

If you didn't already know, the famous Coachella festival took place last weekend. Whilst I'd love to be there myself (one day!), I had to settle for constantly scrolling through Instagram at all the amazing fashion and celebrities. I love Coachella fashion, it's so different from any of the UK festivals - maybe because you can actually get away without wearing wellies?! My absolute best dressed has to be Rosie Huntington Whiteley, pictured here at the Coach party wearing - of course - a Coach skirt and bag. I love this look as it's still really feminine and those boots are just to die for! Similar to Rosie's outfit, I also loved Kate Bosworth's look for the Coach party. She also wore a Coach skirt and bag. I've been obsessed with all white fashion recently, so this is right up my street, and I love the embellishment on the skirt.
My third best dressed is Jamie Chung at the Popsugar party. This is a definite 'summer holiday' look with the printed maxi dress, sunglasses and topknot. Definitely not a look you could really wear to any UK festival, but would be lovely for an evening out in the summer. And finally is this gorgeous look from model of the moment Gigi Hadid. She is one of my girl crushes at the moment (she has already been in 4 This Week's Best Dressed posts). This is a very typical Coachella look with the relaxed white dress with colourful stripes, paired with a clashing aqua blue belt and necklace. Again, I love the tan boots - desperate for a pair for summer! 
Who was your Coachella best dressed? Let me know in the comments! 


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