Health & Fitness Update #1

If you've been following my blog for a while, you will know I have really got into health and fitness this year. Two weeks today I started my more structured routine to get my (hopefully!) bikini body ready for summer. I thought every couple of weeks I'd do an update to show any new foods/videos/workouts I've been trying - and we can all motivate each other! 
Body Inspiration
My current (and probably forever) body inspiration is Tash Oakley (of A Bikini A Day). Since following her on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/basically every social network, I've been so inspired by her body. She has the most amazing abs, and yet still has a gorgeous hourglass, curvy figure, which is definitely what I aspire to have. I also think it's important to set realistic aims, and I know I'm never going to be super skinny (nor do I want to be), so she is definitely my bikini body inspiration at the moment. 
The lovely people at SlenderToxTea sent me their 14 Day Teatox* to try out! I have to say I'm intrigued as teatox's have been extremely popular recently, and they seem like a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. This 14 Day Teatox is £19.99 and comes with 14 daytime teas, and 7 nighttime teas (you have one every other night).
I've also been loving passionfruit recently! I don't know why I've never properly tried it before, as I love anything with passionfruit in (desserts, drinks etc) but never got into the actual fruit! I've been using it as a topping on my granola and almond milk in the morning and it tastes lovely, especially with banana!
For my workout routine, I'm aiming to hit the gym 4 times a week, but be active everyday. I am happy to say I've stuck to this for the past 2 weeks! I recently learned that the body only really needs 10-25 minutes of cardio, so instead of killing myself on cardio machines, I've been working on more weights, and bodyweight toning exercises, followed by 20 minutes of cardio (10 minutes on 2 machines).
For my non-gym days, I wanted something light that would keep up my flexibility and I thought yoga would be perfect for that. Although I find it difficult at the moment to focus on yoga for 30 minutes, Yoga With Adriene's 10 min Sun Salutation is great. 
What health/fitness bits have you been trying out recently? I'd love to know in the comments!

*SlenderToxTea kindly sent me their 14 Day Teatox free of charge to post about*


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