My Current Food Obsession

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're bound to have heard of Deliciously Ella. Ella Woodward's healthy plant based blog has been slowly growing over the past 18 months and she has just released her very own cookbook. And I have to admit, I'm obsessed. As soon as it landed through my postbox, I set to work labelling all the recipes I was interested in. As you can see, there were a lot...
You get a pretty hefty introductory section, outlining all the basics of her meals, and why they're so good for you. I love that once you have these main ingredients, there are only a few things you need to add in, so no weird ingredients you buy once then never use again! Following this, you get sections dedicated to each group: grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, veg etc with plenty of recipes in each section. I am particularly looking forward to trying the sweet treats, such as the apple and blackberry crumble, sweet potato brownies and almond butter fudge. However, I already have a few ideas for teas for the whole family, such as the coconut thai curry which sounds just amazing.
I will just note that I am not a vegan/on a plant based diet so I still eat meat and dairy (although not that much) and allow myself some bad sugars every now and again! However, this has definitely encouraged me to give my body some more goodness, and consider what the food you eat really does to your body.
Let me know your fave cookbooks in the comments - I'd love to buy some more!


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