New Year Skin Detox with Origins

Continuing on from the little 'skincare' theme I started on Monday, today I am bringing you some fantastic picks for New Year Skin Detox. Funnily enough, the three products I picked are all from Origins, but that was just completely coincidental! 
First up, the Clear Improvement Mask. I got this along with two other samples a while ago, and this stuff is seriously good. It's one of those 'can't move your face when you have it on' products but it really feels like it's pulling all the bad stuff out of your skin and doesn't leave it feeling dry or tight. Next up, the GinZing moisturiser is ideal for waking up your skin and re-energising it after Christmas. I have raved about it before here, but in short, it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange, makes you feel much more awake and the gel like consistency does a great job at moisturising the skin.
And finally, the star of the show: the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I love this so much, a full size purchase may be on the cards when this runs out. It smells of fresh peaches and is honestly a miracle product. I wouldn't use it all the time, but when your skin needs a pick-me-up, slather this on before bed and you'll wake up with baby soft skin that feels nice and moisturised. I seriously couldn't rave about this enough.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask (£23), GinZing Moisturiser (£23) and Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£23)


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