MAC "Harmony" Blush

MAC's 'Harmony' blush has been on my MAC wish list for quite some time. Described by many bloggers as the perfect contour shade for paler skin, I knew I had to try it. I got this as a gift for Christmas so after a few weeks of using it every time I do my makeup, I thought it was time for a review. 
'Harmony' is definitely more suited to paler skins, although for anyone with super pale ivory skin, this may still look too orange. It is a deep brown shade, with cool undertones (although this isn't as grey as something like the Kevin Aucoin contour shade) that is very pigmented. I generally use something like the Real Techniques contour brush with this, and use it with a very light hand to contour. I haven't found it to look muddy or orange on me at all, and I think it is quite similar to NARS Laguna, although I found this to be even more pigmented.
Overall, it's an absolutely beautiful shade that can work as both a blush or a contour - plus you can never have too many MAC products right?!


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