5 reasons why "Pretty Honest" is the best beauty book EVER

I finally got my hands on Sali Hughes' 'Pretty Honest' for Christmas and I haven't been able to put it down! I have flicked through the entire book and now I'm settling in for an in depth read of each detailed chapter. So, here are five reasons 'Pretty Honest' is the best beauty book in forever:

  1. It's not all pictures. I hate when beauty books are £££ and then just contain pictures and a few generic paragraphs of text. This contains fully written chapters on everything from waxing to bridal makeup. It really is 300+ pages of a fantastic read. 
  2. It really is 'pretty honest'. Sali doesn't hold back and really covers everything in plenty of detail. I actually find some bits really humorous too, and it feels like she is talking to you personally.
  3. The layout is beautiful. I love the simplistic cover, and the beginnings of each chapter start with a lovely photo, before getting right into the nitty gritty. 
  4. It's realistic. There are no 12 step routines, or treatments that'll take the whole day to finish. 
  5. It solves some of the biggest beauty problems. Want to know what colours go? How to stop your fringe going frizzy in the rain? Or how to find your perfect red lipstick? This will cover all this and more.
It really is worth picking up if you get the chance, and it won't cost the world like some *cough* overpriced *cough* beauty books. In fact, you can get the #1 bestseller on Amazon for just £12.50. 


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