How to stop ABH Dip Brow from drying out | QUICK TIP

I've had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow for nearly 2 years now, and it's my absolute holy grail brow product. You can see a pretty old review of it here if you'd like more information on it! I've found that after a few months, the product tends to get a little dry and not quite as creamy as when it was fresh. However, my little secret to getting the most out of your Dip Brow and keeping it fresh is a beauty oil! 
Basically, I use a drop of a beauty oil (I use rosehip oil but you can really use most things) straight into the pot, then I give it a good mix up with something like a cocktail stick. Obviously, it doesn't keep it looking quite as pretty but it definitely helps to refresh the formula! I've been using mine for nearly 2 years now and this little trick has really helped me get the most out of it - and as you can see, I'm still nowhere near finishing it!


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