Zoeva First Impressions

After seeing Zoeva all over Youtube/social media for so long now, I have finally got round to trying their brushes out! I was feeling so uninspired with my current foundation brushes, so I went for the 104 Buffer Brush. It's a really dense brush, with a flat top. It's a lot more dense than the RT Buffing Brush, but I was so impressed with how it applied/blended in foundation! It gives a really flawless finish and blended everything in nice and seamlessly. You can see a closer image of the brush below:

The brush has a nice, thick handle, and is a pretty normal length. The bristles are really soft too, which is great for such an affordable price. I am yet to wash it, but I am hoping it will wash well! 
My second purchase was the 317 Wing Liner brush. I've been wanting a new angled brush for ages, in order to give gel liner another go - you can read about my recent attempt here. I'll definitely need to practise/experiment a little bit more with gel liner, but this brush is making it so much easier! It's really easy to pick up product, so I tend to wipe a bit off on the side of the gel liner tub so I don't apply too much. The angle of the brush is perfect for making a wing (for me, I think it's easier than the straight pointed liner brushes), and it's definitely made me re-think gel liner! 
They are my first impressions of these two brushes - I may revisit them in a few months, or they may be featured in a 'holy grail' post soon! Let me know if you've tried them before or what you think of any other Zoeva brushes!


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