The Velvet Teddy Dupe for Under £5

I've been obsessed with matte lips recently. After seeing so many liquid lipsticks all over YouTube and Instagram - seriously, when is Anastasia's liquid lips/Dose of Colours/Colourpop going to come to the UK?! Until then, I've been on the lookout for good matte formulas. Of course, the MAC ones are a great one to go to for matte textures, but I was looking for a cheaper option. I remembered a few bloggers talking about the Maybelline Colour Drama Pencils, so I went to check out the range. My first comment is that this range has so many dupes for high end shades! Today's post is about the dupe for MAC's 'Velvet Teddy', which has become somewhat of a cult product since the whole 90s lip thing has been a trend. I personally love the trend, so I picked up 'Nude Perfection' from the Maybelline line. It was only when I brought it home that I realised the similarity to Velvet Teddy - you can see in the swatches above that there's barely any difference. They are both matte formulas too so it's pretty much a perfect dupe. There is also a great dupe for MAC's 'Rebel' in the range - I think it's called 'Berry Much'. 
In terms of application, I find both lipsticks to apply really easily. Neither drag over the lip, even if I've not applied lip balm. The Maybelline one was surprisingly easy to apply in the pencil form - I wasn't sure if it would be more difficult to blend in and I would have to apply layers and layers just to cover the whole lip but that wasn't the case at all - it takes just the same amount of time as a regular lipstick and allows you more precision too, meaning you don't need a liner. I don't find either lipstick to cling to dry patches on the lips either, which is great for a matte formula, and they don't feel at all drying whilst they're on the lips too! Overall, if you're wanting to save your money but you want to try out this super nude/brown lip, I'd highly recommend this Maybelline Colour Drama range - I know I'll be picking up more from the range! They're only £4.99 too - just a third of the price of a MAC lipstick - meaning you can get 3 for the price of 1!


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