A New Bathroom Essential

A new essential product has made it's way into my bathroom, in the form of Johnson's Baby Oil. After watching Niomi Smart's video with her nan and mum, where her mum had recommended using baby oil to keep skin looking soft and shiny, whilst also preventing stretch marks and cellulite. Her skin looked absolutely amazing, so I couldn't resist giving it a go! This bottle of 300ml is around £1-2 too, so such a bargain product. You can also buy a handy spray bottle of this, which may be easier for moisturising the skin, however, it's a smaller amount at 200ml, and is a couple of £'s more expensive! 
I apply this to towel dried skin as soon as I get out of the shower. This is the perfect time to apply moisturising products as your pores are still open from the heat of the shower, so the product can penetrate deeper. Of course, with it being oil, it doesn't completely sink into the skin straight away, and you can definitely feel it on your skin for a while afterwards. Because of this, I usually only use this if I have a shower in the evening, so I can just get straight into my pyjamas. I have found this to be excellent at moisturising the skin, and because it doesn't have a strong scent, it won't interfere with any other scented products you may be using. In the morning, I haven't found there to be any residue like I have found with other body moisturisers in the past. 
Overall, this is a fantastic product for all skin types, and also comes in handy as a multi-use product: use it to shave, give limbs a glowing look before a night out, remove stubborn eye makeup and condition makeup brushes! 


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