MAC Fix+ | The Makeup Spray You Need

I love a good makeup setting spray - it can refresh your makeup for an evening out if you don't have time to do it again, it can prevent your face from looking too cakey if you've gone overload on the powder, and it can help to keep your makeup in place for hours. I have used MAC Fix+ for years, although I have only ever bought the travel size version. However, when they came out with a range of scented sprays, I finally got round to getting the full size 100ml version. This is actually better value for money, with this being £17 and the travel size 30ml version being around £9.50 (if I remember correctly!). 
I got the Yuzu scent - as most of the others were sold out - and I love how fresh and inoffensive the scent is. 
Another use for Fix+ which I often do myself is to spritz it specifically on the tops of my cheekbones where I have highlighted as it just makes that area extra dewy and is fantastic if you're loving the strobing trend at the moment like myself. Fix+ is also great for wetting your eyeshadow brush and applying a loose pigment, or using with a pressed shadow to make the colour even more vibrant and metallic looking. I find this technique works especially well with colours like Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' and the shimmery colours in the Anastasia Beverley Hills Shadow Couture Palette. 
So, for a simple makeup spray, it packs quite a punch and is one of my favourite multi-use products! What's your favourite use for the Fix+? Let me know in the comments!


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