My Custom Z Palette | ABH, MUG & MAC SHADOWS

Z Palettes have become so so popular in the beauty industry over the last couple of years. With the release of shadows and pans from brands like Make Up Geek, this empty palettes come in so handy for storage and to kind of customise your own palette. I filled my medium size Sephora Z palette after I got back from America, so I thought I'd talk through the shades. I like to think of this as a kind of go-to easy warm toned palette, that I can easily get looks for day to night from. Now, let's start with the swatches of each of the shades below...

As you will see, this palette is made up of MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Make Up Geek shades. The top row is more pink toned shades: Expensive Pink and Coppering from MAC, and Blazing and Sangria from ABH. As a copper eyeshadow lover, Coppering is perfect for me, whilst Sangria is great for a cranberry/purple autumnal smoky eye. I saw Amy (from Amy's Makeup Box) using Blazing a lot, so I knew I had to add it to my collection. It's a really unusual colour, a brown toned brick red shade that is super pigmented. I definitely need to use this more as I haven't tried it too much yet! Expensive Pink is my least used shade on this row so far, but it's a beautiful pink with gold flecks, and I imagine this would look beautiful as a soft everyday look. 
The second row is my light mattes and my favourite foiled shadow - Make Up Geek's 'Grandstand'. If you have one foiled eyeshadow in your collection, it really must be this one! It is so pigmented and buttery - perfect for applying with a wet brush or your finger. It makes every look I use it in that bit more special and the colour - a coppery rose gold - is so universally flattering. Alongside that I have ABH Dusty Rose - a gorgeous matte lilac shade (I used it with Sangria here). Then my two light transition shades from Make Up Geek - Peach Smoothie and Frappe. Peach Smoothie is fantastic for pale skin, as it's light so great for a transition shade, but still shows up on the skin. It's also a nice shade for setting an eyeshadow base. Frappe is a great slightly darker transition shade, as it's quite neutral (not veering towards warm toned or cool toned) so will work with most brown looks. 
And on my final row I have all my darker mattes. Firstly I have ABH Fawn which is probably the most talked about ABH shade in my mind - it's used in so many tutorial that I've seen and so I had to add it to my collection. It's a lovely warm mid-toned brown so great for darkening up the crease. Just like Blazing, I really need to give this a good go soon! I then have Make Up Geek Cocoa Bear which I use all the time to darken up the crease - it's a very warm toned brown. I then have Make Up Geek Desert Sands which is a unusual mustard yellow shade - I used it in this look, and this look. It's extremely yellow toned, but I think that makes it so original and such a fabulous transition shade for a colourful smoky eye. Definitely not a shade that everyone will love, but you'd be surprised how well it can be incorporated into loads of looks. And finally, I have Make Up Geek Americano, a well loved coffee dark brown shade with a purple undertone. This is amazing for smoky eyes, and I recently saw Keilidh use this all over the lid for a smoky eye and it looked gorgeous - definitely one to try out!
And that's in for my tour around my Z palette - no doubt the first of many! I do have a small Z palette that currently only has 3 shades in it, but once I add more I will be sure to do another post. You can get Make Up Geek shadows on Beauty Bay for only £5.50 each (and they have the most amazing range!). ABH shadows are currently still only available from the US for $12 each here and also at Sephora. And obviously, MAC shadows are extremely easy to get hold of (but they are the most expensive!) for £10 a pan here - but if you are off on a trip to the US, you can get the eyeshadow pans for only $6!
What are your favourite eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments!


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