What's In My Handbag Makeup Bag!

I love a good 'What's In Your Bag' kind of post, so I thought I'd give you a quick guided tour of my handbag makeup bag (what a mouthful!). I always keep these items in my bag for touch ups or emergencies, and it might give you an idea of something to add to your makeup bag!
The Essentials - I always always have antibacterial hand gel - you never know when you might need it! I also keep a nail file, a plaster (uncomfortable shoes can = sore feet!), a mini bottle of hair serum (I get definite Monica in Barbados hair when it rains/is humid so this is definitely an essential for me). Other boring but essential bits I keep in here are some tissues and some ibuprofen for any pesky headaches or pains! 
The Makeup Bits - Always about 5000 lip products are in this bag - whatever I'm wearing that day, which then builds up over the week.... I keep a Soap & Glory translucent powder and a brush for touch ups, and a travel mirror.
The Handy Extras - I like keeping a travel perfume in my bag, for if I ever forget to put perfume on, or for times when I'm in London on the tube and I need a freshen up! I also like to keep a bobble and some bobby pins in here too, just in case! 
So that's a quick whistlestop tour of what I keep in my handbag on a daily basis! Let me know what your handbag essentials are - I love hearing what people have to have with them every day!


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