The Best Gloss EVER

For over a year now, I've been obsessed with matte lips. Liquid lipsticks are pretty much my everyday lip now, so when I picked up the ABH 'Butterscotch' gloss in America, I really wasn't expecting much. 5 weeks later, this gloss has become a regular in my daily makeup routine, so it was definitely due a review!
What's this? ABH glosses are pretty popular in the makeup industry, and I had heard quite a bit about the Butterscotch shade (not to mention how cute the name is!). It's a peachy nude shade, so pretty universally pleasing!
Where can I get it? I'm pretty sure these are only really available in the US, so they're $16 in Sephora and the ABH website.  
Swatches? I have no hand swatches, but I have used it in some of my makeup looks on Instagram - here
The Pros... I've christened this the best gloss ever, because it is really the only gloss that has stopped me wearing matte lips all the time! It is the most beautiful peach shade, that I've been wearing alone and on top of liquid lipsticks. Either way, it looks lovely! It's super long wearing (better than any other gloss I've tried before), and doesn't feel sticky or gloopy on the lips at all. It smells absolutely delicious (like vanilla), and the applicator is great - I do tend to scrape the excess off before I apply though to avoid putting too much on at once!
The Cons... The only con I can't think of with this gloss is that it does definitely get caught in your hair if it blows onto your lips which is a bit annoying, but I suppose that happens with every gloss! 

What do you think? Have you tried any ABH glosses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


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