Results With Lucy | REVIEW

Hi ladies! So, I don't have a fashion Friday post for you all today, but I thought a different kind of lifestyle post would be quite fitting - especially a fitness one since we're all going to want to hit the gym by Monday after all the chocolate!
I signed up to Results with Lucy last October, when I moved to uni - away from my gym! All the gyms nearby were either super expensive or didn't have great reviews, so when RWL brought out the Student Plan for only £10.50 a month I thought I'd give it a go. 6 months on, I thought I'd share my thoughts! Obviously, this will really only be covering the student plan, as I haven't tried any of the others myself, but the other plans do all sound fantastic!
What does it include?
On the Student Plan, you get an ongoing membership, so it's not a 6 week or 12 week plan like some of the others. You get 4 workout playlists a week, allowing 3 rest days, along with access to all the other workouts incase you want to make your own playlist, and a small recipe library for some inspiration and some great, simple meal ideas! To be honest, I've not really used many of the recipes yet, except for the turkey chilli which was delicious. 
What are the workouts like?
In every playlist, you get a warmup and a cool down, along with 3 or 4 workout videos usually. Each video will focus on a different part of the body: like bum, arms, abs, legs, full body etc, so you get a really good overall workout. I like the aspect of the workouts being chosen for you, so you can just login and you're ready to go. When I used to use YouTube videos to workout, I'd get distracted just looking for a workout I wanted to do, whereas with RWL, it's already there for you. Each playlist is really varied too, but I definitely have some favourite videos that pop up every couple of weeks. The playlists are around 40-60 minutes long, so just the length of a regular workout really. You do sometimes need equipment for the workout - I literally only have a yoga mat! - so you can use bottles of water or tin cans instead. Most of the workouts you can do with just your body weight though. There's also some great variety in workout types, like yoga, pilates, boxing and gymnastics - some really challenging ones which definitely hurt! I'd say I'm around an intermediate fitness wise, and I am definitely still challenged by these workouts, and they do provide alternatives to some of the harder moves if you find it too difficult. 
Have you seen results?
Now, I suppose I can't credit my results completely to RWL, as I have been using the gym when I've been home from uni, but RWL has definitely kept me from putting on weight at uni, and after around 3 weeks, I was really starting to feel a difference in my body. I haven't been doing it religiously 4 times a week, but as much as I can manage, and I always always feel better when I've done a workout, so RWL is easy to fit in around my uni schedule. I don't have particular 'results' images, but since October I have lost inches around my waist, hips and thighs, so it's obviously doing something right!
So, if you're stuck in a bit of a fitness rut and you're keen to feel body confident this summer - it's only 3 months away now eek! - then I'd highly recommend giving RWL a go. It's harder to avoid than the gym - no excuses of not having time or having to travel to the gym! - and you really do feel like Lucy, Cecilia and the other instructors are right there with you! The other benefit is that because RWL if just on your laptop, you can take it anywhere with you - great if you're constantly travelling around like me! Let me know what you've been loving doing exercise-wise in the comments - or if you've also tried RWL! 


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