New In: Matte Lip Creams / REVIEW & SWATCHES

Whats this? Matte Lip Creams/Liquid Lipsticks are definitely having a bit of a moment in the beauty world at the moment. Unfortunately, the majority of the big brands are only available in the US right now - you bet I'll be going crazy in Sephora when I go to the US later this year! However, some brands in the UK are starting to come out with their take on the trend and I thought I'd cover what I have in my collection and what I think of them. 
NYX Liquid Suede... I got the NYX Liquid Suede in December, but I've got my eyes on their newest Lip Lingerie collection as they seem to be a more liquid lipstick formula! However, I do really like the Liquid Suede. I have the shade Soft-Spoken, which is a classic rosy-brown shade. This definitely looks a lot more brown on my lips that on the swatch - to see me wearing it, check out this Instagram post. It's such a creamy formula, so great for anyone with drier lips, and the colour is very opaque too. It doesn't really have any scent at all, and it lasts really well on the lips too. It's not completely 100% matte, but still gives a similar look to a liquid lipstick.
MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer... First of all, I'll start with saying that 'I love these'!! When trying to find Kylie Lip Kit dupes (see that post here), I came across this £3 bargain, in the shade 'Tranquility'. This definitely dries matte, so be careful to exfoliate lips before applying this! It's a gorgeous peachy nude colour that I've been wearing instead of my usual higher end products - that's how good it is! To see me wearing this, see my Instagram posts here (with a mauve eye look), here, here (both with a smokey eye) and here (with a soft grey eye look). The fact that it has been worn in so many of my Instagram pictures already just speaks for itself for how good it is! I pair this with MAC 'Stripdown' lipliner, and it lasts fantastically on the lips - I applied it before going to the airport when I went to Barcelona in January, and by the time we'd landed it still looked perfect!
Sephora Lip Cream... So obviously, this isn't technically a UK product, but as it's in my collection, I thought I'd discuss it anyway. A couple of years ago, everyone went a bit crazy for the lip cream in 01 (which I have, and it is swatched below), a gorgeous true red. I have to say, the lasting power of this is phenomenal. If you want a red lip that won't budge, try this! I recently also got the shade 06, which is a gorgeous mauve pink, that is brighter than my beloved MAC 'Brave', but down the same shade line. I love both of these, they go onto the lips beautifully, and have a lovely vanilla scent. As they're Sephora own brand, they're a little cheaper than high end brands, at $14. 
Makeup Revolution Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer... Makeup Revolution have come out of nowhere to become one of the best budget makeup brands out there. They do great 'copies' of higher end items, and their liquid lipsticks are gorgeous. They have some really 'out there' shades, that most drugstore brands wouldn't ever use, like the bright purple 'Depravity'. At only £3, you can try out these brighter shades without worrying about wasting money! I also have the shade 'Keep Lying for You', which is a lovely magenta pink berry shade. These aren't quite as matte as the MUA ones, but still dry pretty matte, and have fairly good lasting power. I'd probably say 7/10 for their lasting power. 
Essence Matte LipGloss... Again, this one was featured in my Kylie Lip Kit Dupes post, and it's a lovely rosy nude. As you'll see from the swatches below, it is quite similar to the MUA one, but the texture is completely different. I find the Essence one isn't quite as opaque as the MUA one, and I find the texture a bit weird and 'clumpy'. I also found that it dries a tiny bit oily on my lips, which is odd but for such a cheap product I can get past it. The colour is gorgeous though, but the MUA one has definitely taken over it when I fancy this kind of colour! But, if MUA isn't available in your country and you like the colour, this one is an almost exact match.

Swatches? Phew! If you managed to read all that well done haha. I have arm swatches below, but always check out my Instagram as I post plenty of makeup pictures so you're more than likely to see me wearing these on my lips on there!

Where do I get it? Here's a list of links to buy all of these! 
NYX Liquid Suede, £6.50 (I have the shade 'Soft Spoken') 
MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer, £3 (I have the shade 'Tranquility')
Sephora Lip Cream, $14 (I have 01 and 06)
Makeup Revolution Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer, £3 (I have shades 'Keep Lying for You' and 'Depravity'
Essence Matte Lipgloss, £2.30 (I have the shade 06 Nude Rose)

What do you think? Let me know what you think of any of these in the comments! I've got my eye on the Dose of Colors Matte Lipsticks as my next purchase!


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