Dakota Johnson: Get The Look

Dakota Johnson is a big fashion inspiration for me. I love both her red carpet and casual style, and she has New York casual chic down to a T. This is how I personally like to dress day to day, for uni etc. She definitely has some key pieces in her wardrobe that she wears quite regularly, so I thought this week's Friday Fashion post could be a 'Get the Look' for her!
The Mom Jeans - Dakota often channels 90s fashion, and the Mom Jeans are a definite must-have for this trend. I love the Topshop ones, as they have so many different colours and sizes. For Dakota's look, go for the classic light blue ones (£40). I also have a gorgeous pair from ASOS with ripped knees. These are slightly more slim fitting so are better if you don't like the baggy style of mom jeans. I don't think they sell the exact style I have but for similar click here or here. For extra style points, wear with a patterned belt like Dakota's leopard print one. 
The Band Tee - Dakota's casual style usually involves a band tee or a graphic printed tee. Whilst you can usually find these kind of tees in vintage stores etc, you can also try places like Urban Outfitters, Pulp or Topshop
The Denim Jacket - For outerwear, Dakota is often seen in a denim jacket. Again, these are likely to be vintage pieces, but for a classic style, I'd say go for a Levis jacket - you can't really go wrong with a good Levis jacket. For something a bit cheaper, try places like ASOS - I like this light wash one (£40), or this washed black one (£40). 
The Rucksack - Again continuing the 90s trend, Dakota often wears rucksacks. For a 'goes with everything' style, go for black. I like this black ASOS one (£32), or this Matt & Nat one (£98). For something a bit more luxurious, Grafea rucksacks are gorgeous, and are made out of good quality leather. 
What do you think of Dakota's style? Let me know in the comments! 


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