False Lashes Made Easy

I've always loved false eyelashes. From my first try of them in high school, I loved the eye opening, dramatic effect it had, and from then on I wore them to pretty much every party or night out. Even now, I would feel weird going on a night out without them on! I feel like they really complete a dramatic eye look.
I know application can seem a bit daunting if you've never used false lashes before so I thought I'd share a new beauty tool I've been trying out that might just make application a lot easier. Eylure have brought out their false lash applicator tool, which is basically a fancy tweezer-like tool. The curved end grips your false lashes, and you can just drop them onto your lash line then use the tool to secure each end down. I find this to work better than tweezers as they have a stronger grip, so you won't accidentally drop them before you're ready, and the lashes won't accidentally stick to your tweezers instead of your lash line! This handy tool is only £6.69, so if you're a false lash newbie, I'd really recommend giving this a go, and even if you've used lashes for years like me, this might make application that little bit quicker and easier! 
My other little tips for lashes would be to use a good glue. Whilst there's nothing wrong with the little mini tubes you get with Eylure or Ardell lashes, I've always found that DUO glue keeps everything put for longer and is great to have incase you buy lashes that don't have a glue included. I even used DUO glue to apply rhinestones for my Halloween makeup, and every single on stayed put all night thanks to this glue! 
And finally, once your lashes are on, apply a good slick of mascara. This helps to blend your natural lashes with the falsies, and makes everything look that bit better! At the moment I'm loving the Maybelline False Lash Sensational (see my full review here). 


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