Tips for a Nail Polish Clearout

Before moving to uni, I decided it was definitely time to have a bit of a clear out of all my nail polishes. Over the years, I had built up quite the collection, and have never gone through to get rid of the ones I'll never use. So, I thought I'd compile a few of my top tips if you're due a clear out too!

  1. Get rid of the out-of-date ones! You'll be surprised how many polishes look way past their best. If they're all separated or have a green-yellow tint to them, it's probably time to chuck them.
  2. Do you really need all those freebies? I'm guilty of keeping every free nail polish/skin care item/lipgloss from any magazines etc, so be honest - if there's no way you'll ever use it, pass it on to a friend or chuck it.
  3. I found it really helpful to put nail polishes in the same colour group altogether. That way, you can see how similar some of them look. Only keep the ones with the best formulas, so you're not hoarding twenty red polishes. 
Do you have any tips for a makeup clear out? Leave them in the comments below!


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