Bondi Sands Gradual Tan | REVIEW

I've been wanting to try the Bondi Sands Gradual Tan out ever since watching Dani Mansutti's tanning video. It sounded like the perfect gradual tan to keep your tan going for longer! It seems to be constantly out of stock, so when I saw it in Superdrug, I snapped it up straight away. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now so I thought I'd share what I think of it!
Firstly, the scent is really nice - it's similar to the Palmer's gradual tan in that it's a cocoa butter scent, however, this is much more subtle than the Palmer's one, so it's not overwhelming at all. It smooths onto the skin really nicely - I firstly used this with a tanning mitt, but you really don't need to! The formula is very much like a regular moisturiser, so it's easy to cover everywhere you need to just with your hands - make sure you give your hands a good wash when you're done though! 
In terms of results, I haven't noticed a huge difference in colour when I use this. I definitely would prefer to use it to maintain a fake tan - I've made a tan last around a week whilst using this each night. I would recommend this if you just want a tint of colour, or you're just starting out with tanning, or like me, you want to maintain a full fake tan. It doesn't stain my sheets or clothes at all, and it's not left my skin looking streaky or orange at all - it's really foolproof so that's why I would definitely recommend it to beginners!
Overall, this is a really fantastic product. It's definitely really moisturising too, sinks into the skin quickly and helps to maintain a streak-free tan! You can get it from Superdrug on offer here for £9.99, or on Feel Unique for £11.99.


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