My MAC Quad!

So for my birthday, I was probably most excited about getting my first MAC Quad. I already have 3 other MAC eyeshadows (Omega, Honey Lust & Woodwinked) and after plenty of researching on blogs, YouTube and Twitter, I whittled it down to 4 shadows that would work well with each other. They were Embark, Soba, Satin Taupe & Naked Lunch. These are literally the only shadows I've worn all week because I can get such lovely daytime looks from all of them! Because I wanted this to be quite an in-depth post, I'm doing a little paragraph about each of the shadows below so you can find out a bit more:

Embark: I got both Soba & Embark because of this video from MissMavenDotCom (AKA Teni) who did a gorgeous brown smokey eye using just these two colours! Embark is described as a "reddish brown" on the MAC website, but I think it has some purple tones in it too. It's such a versatile colour as it can be worn blended out or layered on for a more dramatic effect. It is also supposed to be a dupe for the limited edition "Spiced Chocolate" shade, so if anyone is looking for that, try this!

Soba: Soba is definitely not a colour I would go for usually, but for the reason mentioned above, I thought I'd give it a go. It is described as a "gold brown with gold shimmer" which is pretty accurate, however, the shimmer doesn't translate that much when it's on the eye, and it definitely has a 'camel' shade in it. So, Embark & Soba make a lovely more matte smokey eye, great for when you fancy a change from your Naked palettes! 

Satin Taupe: Now, one of MAC's bestsellers: Satin Taupe. Again, I got this and Naked Lunch because it's been used in countless Tanya Burr videos, and most recently, this Millie Mackintosh tutorial which completely sold me on this duo! MAC describe it as a "taupe with silver shimmer" which is really accurate and it's a lovely colour to wear through the crease day to day. 

Naked Lunch: Finally, Naked Lunch is the perfect lid colour. It is described as "minimal pink with shimmer" and I would say it has a hint of pink running through it, but it's mostly nude. It's one of the few natural nude eyeshadows I've found that are very pigmented and actually cover the lid in colour rather than just leaving a shimmer - if that makes sense! If you're not an eyeshadow person, this is a lovely one to try out because it will just add something to your makeup, without being dramatic.

Here are the swatches of all four shadows. As you can see, they are super pigmented - as to be expected from MAC! Here, you can see the finishes of them too. Satin Taupe & Naked Lunch are more shimmery, whereas Embark & Soba are more matte, as mentioned above. When they're applied (I usually use the MAC 217 day to day), there is minimal fall out which I have found to be a problem with other brands! Overall, I'm really happy with my quad and am already planning my next 4! Leave any suggestions in the comments - I'd love to hear what your favourite MAC shadows are.

All MAC Palette Pans can be bought here for £10 each & Quad Palettes can be found here for £6.50.



  1. I love the MAC quads - they look so sophisticated! Mine contains soba, rice paper, satin taupe and patina! :) am really tempted by naked lunch though. Lovely post! X

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they! I love the new packaging too :) Naked Lunch would go wonderfully with Satin Taupe :)x


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