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Less than a year ago, I did not own a single lipstick. I don't think I saw much point in adding colour to my lips, and, as I was in school, anything too bright wasn't allowed. However, in the last year, I've been adding more and more to my collection and I can't step out the door without a slick of lipstick now! So, I thought it was about time I did a collection post. I've reviewed many of the lipsticks featured, and I'll include links below, but if you want me to do a full review of any of the others, let me know in the comments! I would probably say I use 3 or 4 day to day, and the others are used for nights out, or whenever I feel like a change. I've tried to split it into sections and have included swatches at the end, so my apologies for such a photo heavy post! But I hope you enjoy.

I have to admit, I'm not a big red lipstick person. Revlon "Cherries in the snow" (it may be called "Cherry Blossom" now) tends to be about as 'red' as I go. It's the perfect hybrid between pink and red and is so flattering and pigmented. I wore this on New Years Eve with an all black outfit and it just pulled everything together and didn't need much retouching as it fades to a stain. I saw Annie Jaffrey use this and pretty much anything she recommends finds it's way into my makeup collection and I'm so glad this did. If you're worried about trying a red lip, I would definitely recommend this. I also know there's a nail polish from Revlon with the same name which I'm intrigued to try out! My other red lipstick is from the Rimmel Kate Moss collection and it's the shade 01. I haven't used this one so much because it's very deep red, which is unlike any of my other lipsticks. Generally I lean towards the Revlon red, but the formula of these lipsticks is amazing, I'm just not sure this colour is for me. You'll see in the swatches below that it's more of a true red, and definitely more of a 'A/W' colour.

For S/S, coral lips are always on trend. My most recent coral addition is from Rimmel, in the shade Soft Coral. I was going to get 'Coral Queen' but it was a bit too bright for me, so I went for this shade. I haven't tried this on the lips yet, as I've only had it a couple of weeks, but all the Rimmel lipsticks I've tried have been lovely and I would say they're one of the best drugstore lipstick brands. My other coral lipstick is Costa Chic from MAC. I bought this last November as my first MAC lipstick and I love it. It's definitely a more summery lipstick but the finish it gives is lovely. It's from the 'Frost' range so it does have a nice shimmer to it, but no glitter. I'm sure you can see just from the picture how beautiful the shade is, and I'm shocked that it's not raved about more!

Now onto my biggest section: pinks. I'm definitely most comfortable wearing pink lipsticks as they are most flattering on me and very low maintenance for my long college days. I have two lipsticks from the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse range: Rose Mademoiselle (far left) and Innocent Pink (middle). The formula of these lipsticks is amazing, so moisturising but pigmented. My favourite of the two would definitely be Rose Mademoiselle because the colour is stunning, whereas Innocent Pink is more like a tinted lip balm, as you will see in the swatches below. 
My next pink shade is Creme Cup by MAC. I genuinely don't think I've loved a lipstick so much. After lusting after it for ages, when I finally got it, it hasn't been off my lips for more than 2 days. By far my favourite lipstick. However, not far behind is Chatterbox by MAC (fourth from the left). I only got this last Wednesday but it was love at first sight and it's already been featured in my 'This Week I've Been Loving..', it is a gorgeous bright pink-red which can be built up to a super pigmented finish or worn with one layer for a nice daytime look. 
My final pink shade is one of Revlon's Lip Butters in the shade 'Cotton Candy'. Unfortunately, this is my least favourite pink. I love the formula of these lip butters but the colour is just not for me. I think it's too 'bubblegum pink' and looks too fake on my lips. It's a shame because the formula of these is very moisturising, so I do want to try other shades!

Next up is my trio of nude lipsticks. First up is Rosewood Pearl from the Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl range. Sadly, again this colour is just not for me. It just made my lips look a little 'brown' which is not a good look on anyone! I wasn't keen on the pearl finish either, so I think something from the Color Sensational Vivid range would've been better. I can't see myself wearing this anytime soon so I will most likely be saying goodbye to this!
Next up is a new addition: MAC's Velvet Teddy. This is from the matte range, described as a "deep tone beige" but is far from boring! I have to say, the cute name drew me in but, as you can see from the swatches below, this is a gorgeous nude that won't make your lips look too light! Finally, I have my Rimmel's Nude Pink, which was my first proper lipstick. This colour flatters everyone as it's so versatile and pigmented without being over the top. It's a more pink nude and again, Rimmel are fantastic with the formula and lasting power. Plus for less than £5, you can't go wrong!

My final section are the 'others', which don't particularly fit into any other category. First up is e.l.f's "Ripe Rose", a deep berry colour. I got this in one of e.l.f's 50% off offers and I had no idea whether I would like this or not. Unfortunately, it looked more pink on the website so I'm not too keen on the colour. I think it's too 'mature' and dark for me and wouldn't really suit me so this lipstick hasn't seen the light of day! Next is another berry shade: Rimmel Kate Moss 05. I definitely prefer this pinky berry shade. This is my fourth Rimmel lipstick now, so you already know what I think of the formula! Finally, CK One's "wow" is another favourite of mine. This is such a gorgeous neon pink (featured in my This Week I've Been Loving..") which I've had so many compliments on. I've worn this both in the daytime and evening and it works with so many looks. 


I hope you enjoyed my Lipstick Collection post - sorry for how long it was, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! I've included all links to review and places to buy them, so I hope it was helpful too. It probably won't be long until I have to do another collection post because lipsticks seem to be my weakness at the moment!



  1. Great collection lovely!! I love MAC Creme Cup too - it was my first ever MAC lipstick!! Xx.

    1. Thanks Kayleigh! It's gorgeous isn't it - everyone should have it in their collection!xx


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