Boots Haul!

On my travels today, I went into the Boots in Fosse Park (Leicester) and was literally in heaven. Pretty much every 'drugstore' brand is available and I took full advantage! First up was straight to the Maybelline section to pick up the new 'Mega Plush' mascara (currently £2 off in Boots). I'm very particular about mascaras so I'm interested to see how this one works out against my beloved Benefit "They're Real!" with the gel-mousse formula. Maybelline are my favourite drugstore mascara brand and I'm a big fan of the "Falsies" mascara, so I'm hoping this lives up to my expectations! Next, I got "Splash of Grenadine" from Essie (Resort Collection) which is the most gorgeous fuchsia pink, unlike anything in my ever growing collection. I think it will be such a lovely shade for summer too. 
After reading countless blog reviews and mentions about it, I finally caved and got the Origins Spot Remover after Kate featured it in her recent post, and because my skin has taken a beating recently due to fast food overload - boo :(. I'm weirdly excited to try this to see if it lives up to the claims! Next, I got another Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in a couple of shades darker because I realised recently that I have no foundations for when I use fake tan. I love the Wake Me Up formula so much so I thought there was no harm in getting a darker one for the summer months/parties. And finally, speaking of tanning, I got the Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory. Exfoliating is so important before tanning, and I've heard such good things about this particular one, especially regarding the scent. I love the bowl shape of the packaging too, and wanted a change from my Sugar Crush scrub. Reviews of all of these will be up soon!



  1. Oooo I've been dying to try that breakfast scrub! Lovely little haul :) x


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