Health & Fitness Update #1 | 2016

Hi everyone and happy Monday! It's officially starting to feel a bit more like spring/summer, and I really wanted to start up my Health & Fitness updates again! I did this last year before my holiday (see the series here) and re-reading the post has certainly helped to motivate me again. It's fair to say I've been slacking a bit on the diet recently - exercise-wise I've been doing okay, going to the gym or doing my Results with Lucy fairly regularly- but my diet hasn't been the best. So, I thought I'd start this series again as it's only 11 weeks until my holiday and I'm hoping to shed a bit of weight before then! 
Body Inspiration
Proof that not much changes in a year - Tash Oakley is still my number 1 body inspiration. I swear one look at her body will make me want to undo any healthy eating and get myself in the gym ASAP! Also found this gorgeous body on Pinterest (follow my Fitness/Body Inspo board here!) and it's definitely squat motivation! 
As I said, I've really been slacking on the diet recently, so I need to have a good look at my Healthy Food Pinterest for some inspiration! I've been loving making smoothies recently - I love banana, mango and spinach with a bit of honey and almond milk. Other than that, I recently got the Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks and I am absolutely obsessed. His recipes are absolutely delicious, and I love his Instagram too for some quick meal inspiration. I love that it's not like regular healthy food books - it has plenty of cheese, pasta, meat and potatoes! Would highly recommend.
If you've read my Results with Lucy review, you'll know I've been doing that alongside the gym for a good few months now. I really enjoy it when I just can't be bothered driving to the gym, or if I'm pushed for time. In the gym, I'm trying to introduce 20 minute HIIT sessions on the bike (or another machine), as recommended by The Body Coach (author of Lean in 15) as I hate spending hours doing cardio. I've also been liking doing a lot more free weights using dumbbells and using the hip abductor/adductor machines too. I am to do light weights with lots of reps on the dumbbells. 
I've not really been doing workout videos on Youtube anymore since I got RWL but I enjoyed Victoria's healthy GRWM - the smoothie recipe sounded amazing! I'm also really looking forward to the launch of Niomi Smart's cookbook - you can see her announcement here.
Let me know what you've all been up to fitness wise, or if you've found any great recipes!  


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