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As a fair skinned girl, I find it so hard to find the 'perfect' contour shade. Many of the ones I've tried a) only work when I have fake tan on, b) look too orange/muddy or c) have zero pigmentation/longevity. I'd heard about the Sleek Contour Kit for a while and know that many celebrities use it and I've seen it used in many a YouTube video. However I'd never got round to buying it but when I saw a Sleek stand in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, I spotted it and had to get it! 
I (of course) got the shade "light", however the contour colour still looked fairly dark (for reference, I'm a NC20 in MAC). I'm so sorry I don't have any swatches but hopefully you'll see what I mean! I didn't really buy it for the highlighter colour as I have way too many already and think I've found my holy grail highlighter in MAC Soft & Gentle so I won't be reviewing that as such.
I've been using the contour shade with the RT Contour Brush. It's the perfect brush (as the name suggests) because it's tapered so you can easily get to the hollows of your cheekbones. My cheekbones aren't hugely defined so I just like having a little contour - nothing too dramatic. 
The first thing I would say is to use a very light hand with this. It's very pigmented which is good but not tapping the excess off your brush could leave you with an awful dark line on your face. I literally tap my brush in the powder a couple of times, tap of the excess, then very lightly define my cheekbones. 
I've found the colour is okaaaay for me, but I'm still not 100% impressed. It's still a little bit too dark and it has confirmed to me that I still need NARS Laguna. I think this would definitely look better with a tan so maybe I'll love it more in the summer or for a night out. I've still used this in the daytime though, and just blended it really well so it's really just a faint contour. I'm not a huge fan of the Kim K sharp contour/highlight business - just something soft and subtle!
I do love the packaging though! It's so, well, sleek and I love that it has a mirror which is great for travelling. There's a lot of product for what you pay as well so I don't see myself running out of this anytime soon, especially considering the amazing pigmentation of it!
So to sum up, I'm undecided. I do like this product but only in a small amount I think! I'll let you know if I change my opinion or if I prefer it with fake tan etc! Do you have the Sleek Contour Kit? What do you think of it?


  1. I love sleek but I think this would be too dark for me too :)

  2. Hi lovely,

    I quite like Sleek makeup but I too have a problem with colour as I'm quite fair skinned.

    I really like your blog and have started following you on GFC, bloglovin & twitter. It would mean a lot if you could check out my blog too :) Who knows, maybe even follow if you like it?

    I look forward to your next post.
    Sara xx


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