L'Oreal GlamShine Aqua Stain Splash | REVIEW

L'Oreal's latest offering is the GlamShine Aqua Stain Splash. Basically, it's a lipgloss minus the stickiness but an added stain of colour. There were only 2 colours available in Tesco, so I went for Lolita, mainly because of the Lana Del Rey song, but also because it looked like a harmless pinky nude that couldn't go too far wrong. 
The main difference I noticed with this compared to my other glosses, is the texture. It feels very watery when applied and has absolutely no stickiness. I was so impressed as it still came out nice and pigmented despite feeling so lightweight. 
I can't say much about the 'stain' aspect as this colour was basically the same colour as my lips naturally but other reviews have said that it stains really nicely so I'm looking forward to trying other shades!
Finally, I just wanted to talk about the packaging because it is beautiful! It is shaped like a tear drop and you twist the square end to get to the gloss. I also really like that the shade name and number is on the end too and the see through section makes it easy to find the shade you're looking for - especially if you have more than one of these!

L'Oreal GlamShine Aqua Stain Splash, £7.99


  1. I cant wait to go shopping and try some of these they look amazing!!



    1. I know the packaging is so beautiful and the product doesn't disappoint!


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