Best Glowy Primers - Budget to High End

I absolutely can't do my makeup without beginning with a glowing base. I feel like it preps the skin nicely for makeup, whilst the glow shows through the foundation giving that lovely 'lit from within' look. So today, I thought I'd give a rundown of my favourites, ranging from £11 to £32. They all pretty much give the same effect, so I thought I'd provide options across all price points!

(Top to bottom: Becca Backlight Priming Filter, MAC Strobe Cream in 'Peachlite', S&G Hocus Focus)

First up is the Soap & Glory Hocus Focus. This is advertised as a 'flaw-softening illuminator' but I always use it before foundation. This has the most neutral toned colour out of the three here (by this I mean, no golden/coloured undertones) so perfect for all skin tones including super pale skin. You get 30ml for £11 and my bottle has lasted me absolutely ages. 

Next is the MAC Strobe Cream - arguably the first of this kind of product around. The one swatched above is Peachlite (there are a variety of coloured undertones on offer) so it gives off a very subtle peachy glow - I love this as it looks amazing with a tan and isn't as hard as Goldlite when I'm a bit paler. I find this is the most moisturising of the three (probably because it's primarily a skincare product more than a makeup product) so this would be my pick for drier skin. It contains plenty of vitamins along with green tea which helps to sooth skinI'd have to say this is my most used glowy primer, and I think it's the best value for money with 50ml for £25. 

Finally is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. I got this in May for my birthday after using a sample and loving it. For me, this packs the biggest punch in the glow department - which, obviously, I love being obsessed with glowy skin. This is the best for actually priming for makeup in terms of helping with longevity etc, but it is pretty pricey at £32 for 30ml. It's very lightweight, and honestly does provide a real life 'filter' to the skin, even before applying makeup. This is my go-to for special occasions or nights out. 

Overall, I'd say each of these are all pretty much interchangeable, so if you don't have the budget for MAC or Becca, the S&G option is a great dupe. I would say though, MAC is my fave for day-to-day, and Becca is incredible at ensuring your makeup stays on all day (or night!), but you could always use your favourite face primer, then the MAC or S&G on top to get the same effect. 

Which is your favourite go-to for glowing skin? 


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