ABH Modern Renaissance Palette | THREE WAYS

Ever since I got the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, I've been loving using it for pretty much every eye look! I saw so many tutorials and Instagram looks using the palette, I was eager to try some for myself. I thought I'd collect them all together here for a little '3 looks with 1 palette' if you're thinking about getting the palette/already have it and are looking for inspiration!
My first look is a deep red toned smoky eye inspired by Melissa Alatorre's editorial look. I used Venetian Red all over the lid, then blended that out with Love Letter to make it nice and smoky. I then added Realgar into the crease, focusing a lot on the inner part of my crease, towards my tear duct to give it a more editorial, dramatic look. I brought it quite close to the start of my brow, but you don't have to if you'd prefer a more subtle look. On the lower lash line, I used Realgar and Raw Sienna initially, then applied Love Letter really close to the lash line. On the inner corner, I used plenty of Tempera, then I added Eylure lashes (I think they are 118s). If you're interested, my lip is Jeffree Star 'Mannequin' liquid lip. Any other details will be on my Instagram page!

My second look was pretty much improvised using the more neutral browns in the palette. I used Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange as transition colours in the crease, then Golden Ochre to blend those colours out and again, make it smoky. I then just added layers of  Cyprus Umber to the outer third of my lid and crease until I was happy with the intensity. For the inner part of the lid, I mixed Vermeer and Primavera on a wet brush to make it nice and bright. I blended these colours with Cyprus Umber using Red Ochre to make sure there were no lines. I then lined using Maybelline liquid and gel liners, then smoked it out using ABH Noir shadow (not in this palette, but any black shadow will do!). I then just used Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange on the lower lash line. For lashes, I used Threads Beauty 'Red Cherri' lashes (review here). On my lips is Dose of Colors 'Truffle' liquid lip with a bit of concealer on the centre of my lips.

For my third and final look, I was inspired by Rachel Leary's tutorial using the palette. I used Raw Sienna on the crease as a transition colour, then deepened it up with Burnt Orange, followed by Red Ochre. I mixed Vermeer and Primavera again for my lid colour, then blended this into the crease with Venetian Red to ensure there were no harsh lines. On the lower lash line, I used plenty of Love Letter to make a really nice smoky pink lash line. I then added Demi Wispies lashes from Ardell. On my lips here is MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick.

So there you have it! 3 looks using the Modern Renaissance palette. There are still a couple of colours I need to use, but I'm sure it won't be long until I post a look using those! This is honestly such a fantastic palette and you will definitely not be disappointed if you decide to get it! The colours are so beautiful, and as with all ABH shadows, they blend nicely and have fantastic pigmentation. 
What do you think of the looks? And let me know which one is your favourite!


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