St Tropez Express Mousse | REVIEW

I am a self confessed fake tanning addict, and so when St Tropez released their new Express Mousse, I was all over it when Boots had their introductory offer on. I tried it as soon as I'd got it back home, and have been seriously impressed. The idea is that you can alter how dark you want your tan to be depending on how long you leave it on for. 1 hour gives you a light tan (like their Gradual tanner), 2 hours gives you a medium glow (like their regular tanner), and leaving it the full 3 hours gives you a dark tan (like their dark range of tanners). What I love about this is that it is basically 3 of St Tropez's tanners in one! I have only ever tried the gradual tanner from St Tropez before this one, but as it is possibly the most popular tanning brand, I had high expectations. And this has certainly not disappointed! It applies really nicely, providing you've done the right prepping beforehand (exfoliating and moisturising) and dries within 10 minutes. You do feel a bit sticky for the time that you have the guide colour on, but as the maximum time you'll have it on is 3 hours, I can cope with it. It does have the typical fake tan scent, but again, this goes as soon as you've washed it off, plus I think it's pretty difficult to find a fake tan that doesn't have that biscuit-y scent. When you've washed it off, you're left with a nice colour, however the tan continues to develop for another 8 hours after you've washed it off, so you'll only have the full effect then. Ideally, apply this in the evening, wash it off before bed, and by the morning it will be fully developed! However, I haven't been that organised yet, and I tend to apply it in the morning, wash it off 3 hours later, and by the evening, it's fully developed. 
I would say this lasts 4 (ish) days on me (I like a pretty full on colour though, it will be a week or so until you're back to your natural skin tone completely) before I want to reapply, but as it's so easy, I've been tanning much more frequently than I have done before. I also think this is fab for any unexpected sunny days, as you can put this on in the morning, wash it off and you'll feel 10x more confident in your summer dress! 
I have found that by day 4, this does start to go just a little patchy on some areas (I do go to the gym though, so I think sweating speeds this process up) so make sure to keep exfoliating and moisturising to prolong it for as long as possible. 
From that huge ramble, I can tell you that this is probably my new favourite fake tan by far, no stained bedsheets, no uncomfortable sleeping, and a near enough instant colour! It's not exactly cheap, but I've tried plenty of cheaper tans and nothing compares to this! If you're in the market for a new fake tan, definitely consider this as I love it!


  1. I love St Tropez! It smells gorgeous too, unlike a lot of other tans. xx

  2. I might have to pick this one up, I've tried the Coco Brown version which is actually quite good for the price but it's just a little light :)
    xxx Claire


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