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Whenever I'm perusing the makeup aisle in Tesco, I've never really taken notice of 'Vivo', the makeup brand exclusive to Tesco. It was only when I saw a friend using this blush and saw how amazing it looked that I knew I had to try it! Unsurprisingly, it was sold out the first time I went to get it, but it's finally in my possession so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. 
For £4, you do get a lot of product for your money and the pigmentation is so amazing that you really don't need very much to get a nice glow. I'm not 100% sure how many there are in the range, but I've only ever seen 4, so I'll assume that's the full shade range. I have 'Rouge Shimmer' which is a beautiful pink, very similar in colour actually to my Illamasqua 'SOPHIE' blusher (possible dupe?!). I use it with a Real Techniques Contour Brush and swirl it lightly to get all the colours and buff it into my skin to get the most natural looking finish. If you're new to blusher, be careful with this as it is possible to go overboard as it's so pigmented and bright pink cheeks are never a good look!
The packaging is cheap and cheerful but I've found it to be really sturdy and it hasn't cracked or broken, so I'm impressed! I use this day to day and save my Illamasqua for more special occasions as they are so similar. Although the name says 'Rouge Shimmer', I wouldn't say it looks glittery or too shimmery at all, although I don't wear a highlighter as well as this. As this is the first thing I've tried from the Vivo range, I've been really impressed. The only annoying thing is that the online shop for Vivo is pretty rubbish so I do recommend checking it out in Tesco yourself as they also have testers to swatch. Let me know if you've found any hidden gems like these Vivo Baked Blushes:)

Catherine x 


  1. Love the look of this, will have to give it a go!! Xx


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