Essie 'Splash of Grenadine'

Way back in April in a little Boots Haul, I picked up this Essie beauty in the form of 'Splash of Grenadine'. However, with a collection of 80+ nail polishes, I've only just got round to doing a little review of it - sorry! 
'Splash of Grenadine' is described as a magenta pink shade, which I think is the perfect alternative to the summer cliché of pastel nail polishes. As with most Essie polishes, it does take at least 3 coats of the colour to get it completely opaque, along with a top coat. But after that's dry, the lasting power is amazing. I've found this to last 4 days before any chipping or wear on the tips. This is honestly one of the best lasting polishes I've tried! I think the only annoying thing with this polish is that they take a good 3/4 coats to go completely opaque which can be a bit time consuming! But it has such a lovely finish and lasts so long that I can deal with it now and again:)

Catherine x


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