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Hi guys! I'm so sorry I've been so quiet on the blog front this week, again I seem to have had no time to myself to get onto my laptop and do a post! I've been out and about 3 days this week and I suddenly realised I haven't done a post in a week. However, my college summer starts on Thursday so expect some more frequent posts, plus (hopefully!) some more fashion posts popping up. Anyway, I thought I would share with you some recent fragrance items I picked up in London on Wednesday. The majority of it is from Victoria's Secret (as currently, there are only stores in London) and one from & Other Stories. 
So firstly, VS had a 5 for £30 offer on with their fragrance line above (I'm not sure if it has an official name, but this is the most 'talked about' range I think). So, I went round spraying various testers and eventually settled on 2 body lotions and 3 body mists. I'm a little bit obsessed with nicely scented things, as you can probably tell by my other posts, so this certainly appealed to me. And with each product working out at £6 each, it was a bargain too! So, I got a body lotion & mist from both the 'Love Spell' and 'Secret Charm' ranges and a body mist from the 'Such A Flirt' range. I would say my favourite is 'Love Spell' because it has the most gorgeous peach scent that I could smell all day long! Secret Charm is a more sophisticated, understated scent of honeysuckle & jasmine, and Such A Flirt is the perfect accompaniment for a night out, with a starfruit & white orchid scent. I'm yet to try out the body lotions but I have tried VS body lotions before and they are lovely. 

So also, I got the VS Bombshell perfume as it was half price (from £42 to £21 I think!) because it was a limited edition bottle. I got a gift set for Christmas of this range, with the body mist, shower gel and lotion in, and I loved the scent, so I knew I'd love the perfume too! Plus, my perfume collection is very small so I thought I would expand it with another fragrance I knew I'd like. Finally, I got the 'Rose Revival' body mist from & Other Stories. This was the first time I'd gone in there and both me and my mum loved it! I bought a t shirt there which seems to be lovely quality and the prices are really reasonable too. If you are a fan of very sweet scents, such as the S&G Sugar Crush range, you will love this. It smells just like candy and cherries and is just perfect for summer because the scent is so fresh. It is slightly more pricey at £12 for a bottle but body mists last a good while and I think I have enough to sink a ship at the moment anyway! 
Thanks for reading, and sorry I've been such an awful blogger recently!



  1. Wow! And there was me thinking each Victoria Secret body mist was £30- will definitely be popping in for a quick look now

    -Rinko xx


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