My Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks

As you'll know if you follow my Instagram, I am always wearing liquid lipsticks. Something about the formulas and the colours draws me to them more than regular lipsticks so I have built up quite the collection. So, I thought I would post about my top 5 brands to buy liquid lipsticks from. I don't have specific lip swatches to post, but I will link to makeup looks I have done with the shades as all the shades have been featured on my Instagram at one point or another! 
Number 1 
Brand: Dose of Colors
Shades I own: Bare With Me, Truffle
My absolute favourite liquid lipsticks are the Dose of Colors ones. Bare With Me is honestly my favourite lip shade of all time. It's a soft pink shade that just suits so many skin tones and is a perfect everyday shade. You can get these from Beauty Bay (usually) but for some reason they are not online at the moment, and the Dose of Colors site for around £14/$18! I rarely show Bare With Me on my Insta because I am so scared it will run out and I won't be able to repurchase! I actually last wore it on my Insta back in May 2016, but I would wear it everyday if I could! Truffle is a beautiful brown toned nude that is perfect for that 90s look. I like that it's not too brown as that doesn't really suit my skin tone, and I've never found another liquid lipstick shade quite like it. Here's a swatch of it on my Instagram. The formula is super matte, but is the least drying I've found. It also smells of vanilla which is so delicious. 

Number 2
Brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Shades I own: Androgyny, Mannequin
I know there is often a lot of controversy surrounding this brand, but these liquid lipsticks are honestly incredible. They feel so lightweight on the lips (Mannequin especially just feels like water!), dry really matte and feel very comfortable to wear. You can buy these on Beauty Bay or Beautylish for around £16. Androgyny is a gorgeous deep warm toned purpley shade, although I feel that it looks very different on different skin tones. I actually bought this because it looked so gorgeous on Jaclyn Hill, but I do think it looks very different on me (see this Insta). Mannequin is probably my second favourite lip shade ever after the Dose of Colors one. It's my perfect nude shade. I feel like it suits pretty much every makeup look I do, and is probably my most featured shade on my Instagram - see here, here and here

Number 3
Brand: Jouer 
Shades I own: Melon, Petale de Rose
The Jouer liquid lipsticks have definitely done the rounds on Instagram, and I have to say I was pretty late to the game. I got these two shades in a set for Christmas (from Cult Beauty), and I'm already dying to try new colours! Melon has become my everyday shade - the perfect mixture of pink and nude that works when I'm super pale and when I'm tanned. You can see it on me here. I haven't got round to doing a look with Petale de Rose yet, but it's a beautiful strong deep pink - I'm sure you've all gathered I gravitate more towards nudes by this point! The formula of these is incredible, almost mousse like in texture and dries super matte. I would say it's slightly less long lasting than the first two I've mentioned and it does wear off after eating more noticeably. However, they are super comfortable to wear and all the shades Jouer do are beautiful and look like they'd be flattering on everyone. I have my eye on the Skinny Dip lip topper from them next!

Number 4
Brand: Girlactik
Shades I own: Posh, Bashful, Blossom, Rustik, Sweet
I have had the pleasure of working with Girlactik this year, and I have to say I've completely fallen in love with their liquid lipsticks. They are harder for us UK girls to get their hands on, but if you are in the States, stock up! They also do offer international shipping on their website. I have to say, after lusting over them on Instagram for so long, I was certainly not disappointed. My favourite shades have to be Bashful - the most beautiful neutral nude (not too brown, not too pink), and Sweet - a gorgeous muted pink. You can see my lip swatch video here, and a look wearing Rustik here. The formula is lovely, and smells like cupcakes so it gets a thumbs up from me! 

Number 5
Brand: Lipland
Shades I own: Rezy (from the Amrezy collaboration)
Lipland is a bit less well known than the other brands I've mentioned but I thought I'd give them recognition for their gorgeous liquid lipsticks. I first heard of the brand when Amrezy collaborated with them, and again, they're harder for us UK girls to get hold of, so I struck lucky when I was in the US last year and picked up Rezy. Side note: I got mine from Ricky's NYC, an amazing makeup shop that stocks lots of online/Instagram brands. You can also get international shipping on their site. The shade is a beautiful peachy pink, absolutely perfect for summer. You can see me wearing this here. I would say the formula is slightly thinner and more mousse-like than all the other brands, and not quite as strongly pigmented. However, building up the colour is fine, and once you get the finished look, it has fantastic lasting power. 

So, that is my round up of my favourite liquid lipsticks! Let me know your favourite brands in the comments below - I'm always on the lookout for new brands to try. 


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